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For people looking for help with drug and alcohol addiction, our specialized and unique recovery programs are available. This include men and women programs only along with customized plans our medical professional will do up just for you.

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Types of Treatment Therapies

There are a variety of traditional and alternative therapies that are used during and after treatment, which address the wide variety of individual issues pertaining to drug and alcohol abuse and addiction.

  • SMART Recovery is a community based program that’s an alternative to traditional 12-step programs. It is based on four points of recovery: coping with cravings, living a balanced lifestyle, managing your thoughts and emotions, and maintaining motivation.
  • 12-Step Programs offer a sort of sponsorship, which will ensure that client’s new to recovery have someone available at all times to guide them through difficult periods. It also offers a high level of personal accountability and will enable those in various stages of recovery to receive and offer support from peers and share resources.
  • Art and Music Therapy is a great way to offer a creative endeavor for patients to sync experiences and emotions through productive tactics, like performing stage plays and song lyrics. This is often fun and will help relieve stress.
  • Biofeedback is a stress management program that will teach patients to use deep breathing, progressive relaxation and other healthy techniques to train the body’s involuntary responses to stress, including high blood pressure and muscle tension.
  • Moral Therapy will lead patients to identify their actual purpose in life, increase self-efficacy, and bring out a broader awareness to achieve a level of moral reasoning that will consider the greater good of both the person and society as a whole in all decisions.
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