Effective Ways to Prevent Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Teenagers

Posted: January 6, 2016 by

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Being a teenager can be an exciting part of life and yet, it can also be a crucial part. It is the time when new hormonal changes take place in the body which can result in a roller coaster ride of emotions.

Teenagers are expected to explore new things which are unfamiliar to them, and while that can be a good thing, it may include the possibility of trying risky substances such as drug and/or alcohol.

One of the simplest ways to lessen the costs of drug abuse especially to the teens and adolescents is to prevent it in the first place. Prevention is definitely a powerful tool which increases the possibility of living a productive, fruitful, and healthy life.

Engaging in these kinds of prevention activities will impact on a teenager’s journey greatly, which includes his or her personal life, academic productivity, relationships, and so on. Temptations will always be present but understanding the risks will help teens and young adults to resist those urges and maintain a drug-free life.

Here are some tips on how teens can protect themselves from alcohol and drug abuse:

Get educated about drugs and alcohol. One way to free yourself from substance use is to have a background of these things first. Research the dangers that these substances can cause and what effects it will have on your body. Your ability to make sound decisions for your own safety requires becoming informed and educated.

Be brave enough to say no. Do not let anyone take control of your decisions regarding matters, especially at this critical time in your life. Say it and act on it. Sometimes saying no is enough but be ready to leave the situation. If someone is trying to pressure you to try drugs, you always have the right to say no.

Enjoy life. Do what you love, and love what you do. Get in touch with the things that make you happy and keep you healthy. Exclude drugs and alcohol from your choices for it can limit your potential and complicate your life.

Be an example. Role models are meant to inspire and to set a good example for the people around them. Speak your mind and encourage others not to get involved in drugs and alcohol consumption. In this way, you are not just helping yourself but also the people who look up to you.

Your teenage years are a time of learning and exploration. Part of growing up involves situations which test your resolve and can affect your choices and help you set personal boundaries. It is important to remember these tips in order to avoid dangerous situations. Every action has a corresponding reaction. Do what is right!

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